Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Have you thought of enriching your retirement with the addition of an Everdear Puppy?

When we reach retirement time we sometimes find that our lives can be enriched by the addition of a toy dog. They are not too heavy to pick up and carry around. They are rarely over seven pounds and often between three and five pounds. Everdear Kennel is a small and very prestigious kennel located in New Liskeard, Ontario. We offer beautiful vet inspected, toy Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, and Toy Poodles to discriminant families. We prefer our puppies to go to homes where the owners have the time to nurture and develop their personalities. That is one of the reasons that we specifically prefer to place our pups with those that have reached a milestone in their lives and feel that they are now ready to take on one of our little darlings. Research tells us that petting a pup will actually lower blood pressure. With the addition of your new family companion you can relax and know that you will never be alone and that even if your hearing is not as good as it used to be your little dog will hear everything and alert you to noises at night etc. Many little dogs have been credited with saving the lives of their owners by alterting them to fire, robbers and even sometimes barking to indicate a heart attack or a bad fall. The pup has the ability to bark and alert a neighbour or passerby and thereby helping the owner in a time of need.
But, most of all we must not forget that the unconditional love a tiny pup offers is an essential comfort for those who are slowing up. They are house dogs first and love to be cuddled. Their exercise needs are minimal and will often get enough exercise following the owner around the house or apartment. They can be litter trained or trained to special training pads purchased at any Pet Store.
If you think that one of these little darlings would be happy in your home and you have the time to love a little pup you are welcome to check the following website. to read more about us. Please feel free to contact me at 1 705 647 6394 for further information. We also offer a special discount to seniors, so don't forget to mention that when you call. Our motto is "Cheers to the little Everdears" as they will remain 4Everdear in your heart.

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